Charter Fishing Rates & Info

Looking for Orange Beach dolphin cruise info?

Tropical Winds Orange Beach welcomes you aboard! We are pleased to have the opportunity to introduce our boat and invite you aboard to fish the beautiful, unspoiled waters of the Gulf of Mexico. With knowledge based on a lifetime of experience, we assure you a deep-sea fishing adventure that will make for a memorable experience.

  • Specializing in Bottom Fishing and Trolling.
  • Bait, Ice, Tackle, Rods and Fishing license included.
  • 65′ Walk Around Boat.
  • Air Conditioned Cabin with Microwave, Two Bathrooms and Sleeping Accommodations.
  • 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 & 12 Hour Trips Available
  • Overnight Trips Available
  • Group, Family and Private Charters Available

Group Fishing Charter Rates

      • 4 hr. $ 100.00 per person
      • 5 hr. $ 125.00 per person
      • 6 hr. $ 120.00 per person
      • 8 hr. $ 200.00 per person
      • 10 hr. $ 250.00 per person
      • 12 hr. $ 300.00 per persos

Private Fishing Charter Rates

Based on 1-10 people (65 ft. Vessel)

    • 4 hr. $ 1000 + $100 exceeding 10
    • 5 hr. $ 1250 + $125 exceeding 10
    • 6 hr. $ 1500 + $150 exceeding 10
    • 8 hr. $ 2000 + $200 exceeding 10
    • 10 hr. $ 2500 + $250 exceeding 10
    • 12 hr. $ 3000 + $300 exceeding 10
    • Tuna Fishing Available – Call for pricing
    • Overnight Trips – Call for pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

How far does the boat typically go out?

The boat will go out anywhere from 10-30 miles depending on the length of your trip.  If you do not want to go out far, we recommend booking shorter trips.

What is included with the trip?

Bait, tackle, fishing license and fish fillet. The crew works for tips and it’s customary to tip 15-20%.

What type of fish do you typically catch?

It varies depending on the season. The captain will try to find fish that are in season so the customers may keep them. Some of the popular species include grouper, red snapper, vermillion snapper, black snapper, white snapper, scamp, trigger fish, mackeral, amberjack and even shark!

I’m new to deep sea fishing, what type of trip do you recommend?

For those fishing for the first time, we offer small group or party boat charters that are inexpensive trips geared towards giving people a first time fishing experience.

What is the difference between a Party/Group Charter and a Private Charter?

A private charter only has your group members on the boat, but a Party/Group Charter (AKA Head Boat) has other families on board as well.

What time do the morning trips typically start?

The morning fishing trips typically go out between 6am and 8am.  Please confirm your trip times prior to departure.

Does the boat have restrooms?

Yes, the boat has mens and womens restrooms.

Do we get our own fishing pole? Do we get lessons on how to use it?

Yes, the crew is there to help with the fishing pole.

Is this charter suitable for pregnant women and small children?

Due to the potential for high seas, it is recommended that small children and pregnant women do not participate unless they are familiar with the vessel and the experience.

Can we keep the fish? Are they safe to eat?

Customers may keep any fish that are in season and of legal size. The mates will fillet the fish for tips and bag it for the customers. Gulf fish is safe to eat according to the FDA.

What should we bring on the trip?

It is recommended to bring a small 6 pack cooler with food, drinks and ice. Other items to bring include suntan lotion, rags, camera, motion sickness medicine and a hate. Customers are asked to dress appropriately since it can be very hot during peak summer season.

What type of bait do you use?

The bait will vary, but mostly squid or cigar minnow.

Can we bring our own tackle and pole?

Yes, you may bring your own tackle if you wish.

When is the best time to go fishing?

It’s always a good time to go fishing, but the season will determine what fish we can go after. Please visit for info on what is in season.

Can we bring alcohol on the boat?

Yes, but no glass or hard liquor.

What happens if there is bad weather?

The captain will be the only one to cancel the trip. Customers cannot cancel just because they see a few grey skies. If we are forced to come in early after a trip departs, we will offer a prorated credit for a future trip. Please discuss with captain as this will vary on a case by case basis.

Is the boat handicap accessible?

The boat is not handicap accessible, but the crew and captain will do their best to make arrangements in order to get the customers on and off the boat. Please call us for more details.

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